"Happiness shared is the flower." - a dream dress

John Harrigan

Hello my dear readers! How are you today? It's a bit windy and grumpy outside, the air is cold, nothing like spring and maytime here. What a pity - but it offers the great opportunity to bring happiness throughout your clothes! On monday, I received a long-awaited package from the USA. A lovely lolita there was willing to sell something to me that I admired for so long. I was not able to find it anywhere - sold out in the shop, untracable, unachievable. But then I stumbled across it on the bodyline sales group on Facebook and could not restist to finally get my hands on it! Thank you again for taking all the pains to get it to me! 

The glorious thing I am talking about is bodyline's Classic Rose JSK in blue! Excuse the blury pictures. There is not much light in my room at the moment. 

So, this is how I arranged it on my manequinn to see exactly what it looks like! (Oh no, it's so blurred and fuzzy, you can't see anything ... - Sorry!) Since I do not own that much accessory yet I decided to go for a very simple, classic cord. I love the print and those different shades of blue - there's even some kind of lavender in it, so lovely! 

This bow can be attached to any part of the dress but I thought it would be lovely to coordinate the dress with it as a headbow! So I just tuck a plain headbow through it and - tada! 

Here you can see the print. Did I mention the lavender parts? It's so lovely and elegant, a mixture of my favorite colors! I am so happy to finally got this dress - a great first addition to my lolita wardrobe. 

Here's the jewellry I chose. Long, simple pearls and a brooch I tucked onto the chain. I am not sure about it yet, maybe I'll change it. Of course it's not the finished coordination. But maybe I'll be wearing something like this to the Dokomi Convention in June? So exited! 

Oh! Another great purchase I  made was this petticoat! It's an A-line petticoat from Hell Bunny that I bought second hand and I think it's simply gorgeous. So poofy! But for this dress I'll propably need a Bell-shaped petticoat. I don't think it looks that weird with the a-liner underneath but it somehow does not seem right to me. 
Do you know what petticoat to chose? I am a bit helpless still!

For a bodyline dress, this one is so fantastic. The fabric is thick, it's sewed up properly and the print is just adorable. I am so proud to call this JSK my first lolita item! Oh, don't think it will be the last for a while. I am just getting started! 

Will you visit the DoKomi this year? What was your first lolita purchase? I am so interested in how your journey begun! Leave your story in the comments below, if you want to ♥ Enjoy your weekend!

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