"All I want is a dress with puffy sleeves." - BODYLINE FAVORITES

L.M. Montgomery 

Good evening, my de(ae)r! For a lolita-newbie and lolita-on-a-budget like me it is so frustrating to look at all these brand pieces without being able to afford a single one - but there is no need to be sad! Offbrand sites like bodyline - you all know - offer some great opportunities! And since I was bored and I know the shop quite good (from all that "theoretically shopping" I do to calm myself down) I decided to show you some of my BODYLINE FAVOURITES! Maybe you like some of them? Take a look! 

Most of the pieces I'll show you can be sorted into more than one category - so they are more "-ish" or a mixture but these are sorted the way I can imagine combining them. If you have some other ideas - let me know! 

Well, the JSK's above are some of my favorite classic ones. The blue-and-off-white-dress is the one I already own and L510 is on it's way to me! In Classic Lolita, I love the floral prints, so two of my favorites feauture them. I mostly like the third one because of it's pastel colors and the picture-like print - So pretty! ♥ 

These are dresses for a substyle I am dying to try some day! Of these JSK's I like the one in the middle the most since it's so beautifully simple. The one on the right has this kind of princess-hime-style onto it and the left one is just so cute! I would love to try a white-and-gold coordination with one of these dresses and golden eyeliner! 

And now to a substyle I fell in love with quite a while ago: Country Lolita! I just love the mixture of cute and mature, classic and sweet - so perfect! I didn't know that I would love the Gingnam-print so much. And, again, I love these pastel colors. The dress on the very left has little strawberries on it - it's cute in pink to but I preffer the yellow version. It's such a lovely color - I think that it would look absolutely adorable combined with braided hair, a strawhat and some ankle socks! The OP in  the middle is just so beautiful. It reminds me of daisies and I would love to wear it with a flower crown made out of them! The OP on the right is just to sweet. I think (and hope) that the apron is detachable since I think that it would be even more sweet without it! I also really adore the dresses' print. So cute! 

As you can - hopefully - see, bodyline is a great opportunity for lolita-newbies like me to build up a (basic) wardrobe. Just take a look at some reviews before purchasing - some items can indeed be tricky. Oh! When ordering, don't forget to use the Yen-trick! It'll let you save some money ♥ There are some other items on bodyline that I would like to purchase - blouses and shoes for example. Would you like to see another post like this one? Let me know! 

What is your favorite substyle? What would you like to try wearing some day? And what do you think of bodyline? Write it in the comments!  

PS.: I know that I keep switching between English and German. What do you like more? German, English, or both? I think that I will keep on writing in both languages but on some days it's just easier for me to choose just one. What do you think? 

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